Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nintendo Color TV Game 6/15 in PAL ?

European video game collectors always had a problem when it comes to game consoles/systems that comes from Japan or North America (same for us with European PAL/SECAM consoles/systems in North America) but seems that many doesn't know that there is (in fact...."was" would be more like it) a Pong console that was able to play all the Nintendo Color TV Game 15 in PAL.

I am talking about the Miragama GMC-802. Yes! That Pong console can and does play all the games of a Color TV Game 15 (or a Color TV Game 6 with a simple mod, can play also all the games but that's future story) in PAL, not NTSC. But how come ? Very simple as the dedicated game chip inside it is a Mitsubishi M58813P (PAL version) and not a M58815P or M58816P (those two are NTSC).

Check this picture (thanks to Adrian Scheel of Pong-Picture-Page):

And you're not imagining it, the chip was made on the 39th week of 1982. If you check on Old-Computer web site (, you'll read that they wrote "Motorola M-588135" for the chip, they may have mistaken it for the Mitsubishi logo as i myself wrote the same mistake (in French...that's my native language BTW) before Adrian send me some picture inside the Miragama GMC-802.

P.S: Now talk about a weird coincidence!! If you check the date on the post i made on Old-Computer, it is exactly 6 years, not a day more or less! Think i'll get myself a lottery! :P

So if you live in Europe and want to play a Nintendo Color TV-game 15, then i strongly suggest to get yourself a Miragama GMC-802 as you won't have any "display" problems. I'll leave with pictures of the Miragama GMC-802. )